Our Story

The 11:11 phenomena is one that resonates with us , Time is a powerful thing, very powerful Change is inevitable, time changes everything, including people and their approach to life
- therefore if we don't adapt we cannot survive. This evolution has been apparent since the evolution of the cavemen.
We help you adapt to the needed change, brought about by time. We see digital transformation of companies
as the needed change required to allow the modern day companies to continue to operate in this new climate.
See the signs of transition and let 11:11 help you transform.

Our Vision

•Empower “Women in Architecture”, to be recognized to successfully drive business strategic, transformational and data related programs/projects and solutions within the private and public sectors across industries globally.

•- Connect seasoned , trusted architects affiliated to technical, and business strategy services and empower entrepreneurship and the ability to operate as independent business professionals.

•- We aim to improve the quality and consistency in architectural and data governance standards adopted gearing companies to undertake digital transformation strategies and thereby solidifying their longevity.

11:11 respects the needs and expectations of its affiliates and clients. If either is compromised, adjustments will be made so that the company culture may remain intact.

Customer Satisfaction is top priority.


Although we are technology independent we have strength across several technologies through our wealth of experience in the following architectures :  data management, integration(SOA, microservices, data integration technologies), knowledge management, analytics, big data, cloud, security, Microsoft, web methods, sharepoint, Informatica suite(Secure@source, axon, analyst, MDM, streaming, dq), cloudera, Hadoop, SAP HANA, etc...


Our Services


  • Coupled with enterprise architecture and data experts we provide strategic guidance for all enterprise transformational  programs/projects.

  • We ensure  the right skills have been acquired and appropriate mentorship in place to allow for future sustainability and enterprise readiness.

  • Adopting established practices, patterns, frameworks and  innovation we aim to  help companies build up an established EA , Data Management and/or Data Governance practice tailored to the business needs.

  • We are passionate about coaching and mentoring, and offering our skills,  our energy and experience in architecture and data to enable our customers to build their internal capacity to mature their existing function/s. 

  • With experienced architects heading up this business with over 100 years of experience(collectively) in the game we intend to grow at more than 50% per year.

  • Through strategic partnerships, trusted relations, innovative thinking, and a group of people that bring dynamic energy to the company we intend to become known as the best in all data and enterprise architectural transformational services.

  • 11:11 Consulting is an ambitious innovative company that is geared for transforming enterprise data in all companies creating readiness for 2020 and beyond.

Service Strategy

Services Strategy : Enterprise architecture and business strategy is foundational for data and transformational solutions therefore 3 month minimum due diligence recommended.

Part of the offering entails planning : we will scope an EA and/or Data effort based on your organizational needs

11:11 can provide both resources and/or  recommend proposal for a service request, on either time and materials based or fix price based on the organizational readiness for the services. We recommend fixed price where requirements are fixed and known upfront, and time and materials if this is not very clear early on and the client requires flexibility.

Our Promise

"Our people is our pride, we attain the best skills and aspire to grow young skill"


Tel: +27-082-373-4206


Email : RRamiah11@gmail.com